Paul Mayer

Growing your business is tough. The barriers will come from both inside and outside your company. PCM Global Solutions utilizes over 30 years of senior management experience in starting up, turning around, and growing companies to bring new techniques and ideas to your business that will fuel your growth. We do it through innovation.

The advantages of innovative product and market development are the following:

  • Innovation increases your profit margins
  • Innovation limits your competition
  • Innovation can result in intellectual property protection
  • Innovation generates long term growth
  • Innovation increases your core competencies
  • Innovation teaches your company to think outside the box

Our role is to teach you how to create an environment for innovation, identify the projects to fuel growth, implement a system to launch these projects, follow them through your company, and measure the results of each. We are not here to give you a PowerPoint presentation and leave. We are your partners. We are a part of your team. We are a generator of your growth.

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